28 November, 2019

A.G.A Trio

Kulturbunker Cologne-Mülheim

Köln, Germany

       24 November, 2019

A.G.A Trio

Centro Sociale

Hamburg, Germany

       22 November, 2019

A.G.A Trio


Mannheim, Germany

       21 November, 2019

A.G.A Trio

Kulturbrauerei - Maschinenhaus

Berlin, Germany

      Making Tracks UK Tour

        17 November, 2019

King's Place

London, UK

        16 November, 2019

Norwich Arts Centre

Norwich, UK

        15 November, 2019

St George's

Bristol, UK

        14 November, 2019

The Stables

Milton Keynes, UK

        10 November, 2019

The Queen's Hall

Edinburgh, UK

          8 November, 2019

The National Centre For Early Music

York, UK

        November, 2019

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Lincoln, UK

          6 November, 2019

Firth Hall

Sheffield, UK

          5 November, 2019

Cambridge Junction

Cambridge, UK

          4 November, 2019 

The North Wall

Oxford, UK

       30 September, 2019 

Feast of Trumpets

CTICC Auditorium

Cape Town, South Africa

6 September, 2019 

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet

CPH World Music Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark

        25-30 August, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan Quartet

Sharq Taronalari Festival

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

9,10 August, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Mahaleb

Maison des Artistes

Chamonix, France

2 August, 2019

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Yerevan, Armenia


26 May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio

Pepperhill Barn

Taunton, UK


16 May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Alexis Paul

Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Paris, France


12 May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire

St.Luke's Church

Hodnet, UK


11 May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire

St.Michael's Church

Madeley, UK  


May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Nykko Gregoire

United Reformed Church

Sutton Coldfield, UK


5 May, 2019

Performance  deticated to Charle's Aznavour

Salle Salvador Allende

Lille, France


3 May, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Benjamin Straehli

Notre Dame de Pellevoisin

Lille, France


29 March, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan feat.Gharana Indo-Armenian Ethno Fusion Band


Yerevan, Armenia


24 March, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan feat.Gharana Indo-Armenian Ethno Fusion Band

The Venue

Yerevan, Armenia

22 February, 2019

Performing Assyrian Folk Music

British Museum

London, UK


15 February, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan feat. Gharana Ethno Fusion Band

Naregatsi Art Institute

Yerevan, Armenia


27 January, 2019

Solo Performance

Cinema Paradiso 

Saint Martin-en-Haut, France


26 January, 2019


 Villeurbanne conservatory

Lyon, France


24 January, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Mahaleb

La Boîte à Gants

LYON, France


18 January, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio

St.James Wine Vaults

Somerset, UK


17 January, 2019


Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio

North Curry Methodist Church

 Somerset, UK


17 January, 2019


Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio

St.Benedict's Church

Glastonbury, UK


16 January, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss Trio

Norwegian Church

London, UK


15 January, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan feat.Jenny Bliss, Lori Secanska & Yair Avidor

Green Note

London, UK


13 January, 2019

Arsen Petrosyan & Jenny Bliss

Bishops house, Elizabethan museum

Sheffield, UK


11 January, 2019

Solo Recital feat.Nykko Gregoire 

SOAS university of London, UK


27 December, 2018

 Arsen Petrosyan Trio

 Tansen Music Festival

Gwalior, India

11 October, 2018
Arsen Petrosyan feat.Alvaro Suarez at "DesignHotelsARENA2018"
Copenhagen Contemporary, Denmark
21, 23 September 2018
Arsen Petrosyan featuring Suzy Adamyan, Natalia Fomicheva
Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Astrakhan, Russia
25 August, 2018
Arsen Petrosyan Quartet
Lutheran Church
Moscow, Russia
23 August, 2018
Arsen Petrosyan Quartet
Art Deco Museum, Moscow, Russia
22 August,2018
Arsen Petrosyan Quartet
Moscow State Conservatory,
Rakhmaninov Hall, Russia
15 June, 2018
Cafe Engels
Berlin, Germany
10 June,2018 
Copenhagen, Denmark
09 June,2018
St. Augustine's church
Copenhagen, Denmark 
05 June,2018
Hjalbo church
Gothenburg, Sweden
01/02, May, 2018
La Grande Boutique 
Langonnet, France
29, April, 2018
 Eglise St.Martial
Chalais, France
28 April, 2018
 Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
Fontenay-le-Comte, France
24,April, 2018
Cave des Célestines
Lille, France
18, April, 2018
 SIME Festival at Kino Ciné
Lille, France
14, April, 2018
Lyon, France
13, April, 2018
Maison de la musique
Décines-Charpieu, France
12, April, 2018
La Boite à Gants
Lyon, France
26 March, 2018
Berlin, Germany
23 March, 2018
Performance at the Szczecin Philharmonic with the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Szczecin, Poland
22 March, 2018
Duo concert Arsen Petrosyan & Piotr Rakowski
Stargard, Poland
14 March, 2018
Guest Musician in Waves of My Life by Emirati Composer Ihab Darwish
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
01 February, 2018
St. Augustine's church
Copenhagen, Denmark
29 January, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark
27 January, 2018
Norheimsund church, Norway
26 January, 2018
Hakestad 5210 Ulvik, Norway
24 January, 2018
Arna church, Norway 
    11 December, 2017
Concert with SYOA conducted by Sergey Smbatyan  (5th Khachaturian International   Festival) at Aram Khachaturian   Concert Hall, the  concert was live streamed on Medici.tv

Yerevan, Armenia


20  November, 2017
Concert with Nikkö Gregoire (UK) 

Charentsavan, Armenia


12 September, 2017
Concert with Danny S. Lundmark at Böcek Cafe in Moda

Istanbul, Turkey


     23  July, 2017
Concert with Gurumiran 
Electro-rock musician, and apparition in his documentary produced by “Red Bull"

Yerevan, Armenia


17 Jan, 2017

Duduk Concert feat. Lilith Guegamian

Lyon, France


15 Jan, 2017 

Duduk Concert feat. Lilith Guegamian

Centre St Martin

Vonnas, France


4 Nov, 2016 

Solo Duduk Concert

Komitas Chamber Music House

Yerevan, Armenia


3 July, 2016

 Duduk Concert with Organ,

Orguenville Festival

 Besancon, France


7 June, 2016

 Duduk Concert with Organ

Cathedrale Notre Dame Bourg

 Bresse, France


4 June, 2016

Solo Duduk Concert,

Beirut, Lebanon


10 April, 2016

Performance feat. Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra,

Yerevan, Armenia


30 March, 2016  

Concert feat.  "Jnar" traditional music ensemble,

Tashauz, Turkmenistan




















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